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At Med DataCare Pro (MDCP), we understand the importance of change and hence we put in great efforts to make sure that the transition process is smooth and hassle free for our clients. Client’s transition process is managed by our proficient team who are experts at transition and operational procedures.

Transfer is achieved at our operations center, which becomes the backend support unit for our client’s needs. Upon completion of transfer, our delivery team works in conjunction with the client organization in a stringent and well organized set-up. We work towards helping our clients shift services, knowledge and responsibility to MDCP in a speedy manner by assuring service, quality and continuity.

Process flow

The initial stages of transition marks how successful the transition process will be eventually hence being a very critical stage. In this stage MDCP team works diligently with the client’s team to set up the technology, standards, procedures and staff, ensuring control at each step.

Our transition management team works towards as less as possible disruption to the clients business by ascertaining there is quick and efficient transfer of knowledge, processes and technology in the initial stage itself. The clients specific processes are then reviewed from which the key problem areas are identified based on which a road map for transition is prepared.

The process is divided into 5 parts and our team comprising of Transition and Process Transformation Experts address each issue related to transition from an entirely project management viewpoint-

The transfer of responsibility to the operations team marks the end of the transition phase. Post transition constant monitoring process ensures that the process is bought to a stable state.

Equipped with more than a decade of experience and expertise in healthcare outsourcing we can offer our clients a flexible framework of integrated methods, tools and metrics during the transition process.

Time Frame

The clients’ set-up and process complexity generally ascertains the required time frame. However following is a general time frame required for transition but can vary depending on the set-up-


Following considerations are kept in mind during the transition process –


  • Knowledge transfer needs to be complete
  • Analysis of technical challenges
  • Study of all business processes
  • Complete documentation needs to be done


  • Process adopted is simple offering our clients to retain control at each step
  • Reduced risk with quality parameters adopted at every stage of the transition
  • Advanced technology helps in efficient usage of time
  • Optimal transition results can be expected with complete documentation and secure knowledge transfer