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The EMR/PMS services offered by our team of experts make your task of choosing the right software simpler. We follow an unbiased approach to choose the best EMR/PMS for your medical and healthcare practice. 
Our EMR is the first, best-in-class, and an integrated solution that meets the needs of your Practice including: appointment management, encounter workflow management, patient account management, electronic medical record management, and communication with practice partners such as pharmacies, test labs, insurance carriers, and other physicians. In partnership with healthcare specialists, our EMR is designed to easily integrate with computers, networking hardware and software. The solution is fully customizable to the needs of your clinic and is scalable to support the growth of your practice without any additional costs.
Our EMR/PMS services are used by several reputable medical practices across the US and we have helped our clients save thousands of dollars spent per year in records management with appropriate EMR and PMS implementation. 
Some Credible features of Our EMR are as follows:
  • HIPAA Compliant 
  • Centralized patient EMR history
  • Automated Backup of EMR Data
  • System Scalability & Expandability
  • User-friendly interface and ease of use
  • Auto generate prescriptions and test orders
  • End-to-End Healthcare Workflow Management
  • Integrated voice recognition to dictate the notes 
  • Customized knowledge base to help the decision support
  • Efficient and Accurate Insurance Claim & Collection Process
  • Any time and any place access to the system (locally or remotely)
  • Multi-layer data security management with 128-bit data encryption
  • Automated EMR exchange with partner Primary Care offices or Hospitals
  • Medical Data Exchange between Multiple Offices within Primary Care Groups
  • Easy access to healthcare knowledge base on drug database, ICD and CPT codes
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party software's for Medical Transcriptions, Insurance and Pharmacies