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Privacy Policy

Med DataCare Pro's Medical Transcription services, RCM services, Data Conversion services and all other services are limited to a select group of contracted clients.

All our clients fall under the spectrum of HIPAA and we have made all our work procedures to comply or even exceed HIPAA guidelines and have made necessary arrangements to protect Patient Health Information (PHI). This information is disclosed to no one except our clients who are authorized for this information and employees who are working on the client's account.

Terms and Conditions / Delivery Policy:

All the services are internet based thus would be provided and delivered through appropriate and secure deliverable channels of communication. Any other way of service delivery has to be requested to Med DataCare Pro and the deliverables are at the sole discretion of Med DataCare Pro.

For more details of security & Data Protection visit the HIPAA page

Refund & Cancellation:

All payments collected by Med DataCare Pro are against the invoice raised for services performed, all these services are performed exclusive to the clients needs for which special efforts are involved and all these services are provided on contractual terms hence no refund or cancellation is honored once the services have been performed.