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Outsourcing Partner

At Med DataCare Pro (MDCP) we understand that healthcare processes are complex and demand specialist knowledge and operational expertise.

As an outsourcing partner we offer to our clients a cost effective solution as a combination of technology, skills, knowledge and originality to help improve the productivity of their people and processes.

Why Outsource to MDCP?

More than just a back-office for your processes; our team at MDCP works towards the growth we can provide towards your core business. Rather than just being content in letting you concentrate on their core business we believe in also creating value to your businesses.

  • Improved efficiencies in Revenue Operations
  • Our Tracking systems are shared with our clients
  • Variable cost always attracts cost efficiencies for our clients

Our outsourcing services have enabled our clients to further build their service portfolio, expand their market size and improve overall customer satisfaction.

MDCP’s Business Approach

Our approach aims towards reducing administrative costs for our clients by providing relevant data and information to improve client processes, systems and technology. Our experienced healthcare professionals are adept in providing solutions to all aspects of your process to help improve revenue by helping develop the right strategies and platforms to aid in increased value and competiveness.

Med DataCare Pro’s Outsourcing model best suited to your needs!

We offer our partners varied models of outsourcing depending on their healthcare needs. Our clients either outsource their entire revenue management to us or in different parts as they require. If your business processes are running smoothly in most areas and just needs streamlining in certain areas then we offer you outsourced services in those areas and even tailor make our services as per your needs.

More often our clients

MDCP’s Outsourcing Solutions

Apart from strategic savings from outsourcing, capitalize by opting for outsourcing any of these non core functions-

Medical Billing Services

This function being the key to an effective revenue cycle management; our team will ensure that all the bills are submitted with the correct information. MDCP experts have been proficient in medical billing and coding providing services for over a decade in multiple states and specialties from which you can benefit.

Medical Coding Services

By outsourcing your coding services to our team acquire cleaner claims, reduced denials and enhanced revenue, along with ensuring compliance with government regulations. Our experts are all AAPC certified along with constant training and industry updates like CPT and ICD changes. Our coders are well versed with medical coding nuances with previous experience in medical groups, hospitals, surgery centers, coding companies and various other healthcare facilities throughout the United States.

Medical Transcription Services

Our team of Medical Transcriptionists provides complete or partial outsourced medical transcription services, with a full array of flexible solutions that can be designed to meet your specific needs. By utilizing MDCP’s economical medical transcription outsourced services get access to highly efficient, cost effective and reliable service which we have been providing to various single physicians, medical groups, health-care clinics and hospitals.

Insurance Verification & Eligibility Services

Unfortunately being one of the most neglected elements in the revenue cycle this is a very important factor in the revenue cycle as most denials occur because a patient is not eligible for services. Our team with its verification and eligibility services helps avoid late payments, rework, and reduction in patient satisfaction, increased errors, and nonpayment. With outsourcing these services to us you can get access to our staff that is updated with the latest technology, and expertise to be able to deliver high quality cost effective patient insurance eligibility and related services.

Insurance Follow-Up Services

MDCP team follows an aggressive follow up process with insurance companies to improve cash flow and reduce number of days in AR. We provide a thorough analysis and review a variety of reports during insurance follow up which also includes Aging Analysis, Payer Follow-Up, Denial Trend Management and Reporting. By outsourcing this service to us will help you reduce your AR considerably and increase your payments significantly.

Revenue Cycle Optimization

The question that arises before any healthcare unit today is, 'What is the current Billing cycle?' When the answer to the above question is anything more than 60 days, it's time to overlook your medical collection services. Our team has all the capabilities that can improve and accelerate your revenue cycle process, to help you achieve higher productivity, quicker payments, reduced costs and improved patient service.

Financial control & reporting-

We provide detailed reports to our business partner. Our team provides daily, weekly and monthly reports explaining the status and the efficiency of their services. These reports help clients to strategize and take better decision and plug issues before they become messy. At times we also provide consultancy on improving process function, ramping up services and expanding market space.


MDCP team with a thorough understanding of your specific business need provides quick development of solutions with the help of our highly experienced professionals. Providing solutions on integrating applications we help run your business process into effective solutions due to effective data flow, visible management and useful reporting. Depending on the size of the operation to be handled we provide an IT support who can be contacted as per need.

Claims process management-

We ensure that claims are taken through various levels of audit before the claim reaches the final payers. Our team provides the required attention to both primary and secondary claim process. The speed of the claims submission is usually faster as the denial management report is generated almost immediately.

You can pick and choose any of the above services suited to your needs or outsource your entire medical billing to MDCP!

MDCP supports the core function of clients while enhancing growth- The core function of a healthcare process is to care for its patients and all other support functions which are just as critical to the process can be taken care with improved precision with MDCP experts who understand your concerns and thus provide you with all tools to manage your finances and improve your core functions.

Outsourcing creates value for all parties and truly justifies business decisions!