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MDCP Value Plus Factor

Today, Med DataCare Pro (MDCP) is frontrunner in the medical billing industry. Our innovative approach and ‘out of the box’ thinking has brought us this far and is turning our vision into a vivid reality. We aspired to be the Number 1 medical billing solutions company in the country and to serve our clients with dedication, honesty and prudence. We can proudly say that we achieved this vision and are continually developing ourselves to do better. Our value proposition, technical know-how, quality services along with our unmatched operational capabilities has helped us to generate positive monetary results for our clients.

With MDCP, you enjoy an array of benefits such as:

  • Increased Revenue: Our clients have seen a 32% increase in their annual turnover by simply partnering with us. We improve your collection rate immensely by following stringent polices and following up aggressively on delayed and denied claims.
  • Packaged services: We offer a complete suite of services and are a one stop solution for all your medical billing needs. Right from appointment scheduling to reviving your AR cycle, our specialists team is trained to handle every aspect of your practice’s billing procedure.
  • No recruitment & Training of operational staff: We help you in saving valuable time by recruiting and training staff in our office. You will not need to worry about downtime; employee absence or deal with recurrent sickness issues, our team is available to support your needs 24 hours of the day and 365 days a year.  
  • Faster Turnaround time (TAT): Our specialists work round the clock to make timely submissions of your claims. We help in shortening your revenue cycle by putting through claims within 48 hours of receipt of documents, which helps you to enjoy higher cash collections from payers.
  • Customer Support: Our customer support is available to you at any time of the day and 7 days a week. We guarantee timely resolution for outstanding issues and ensure overall satisfaction for our clients.
  • Information security & Compliance (HIPAA): All our processes are regulated and are in accordance to the HIPAA guidelines and we strictly adhere to PHI regulations.
  • Variable Cost: Our business model works on variable cost structure. Unlike other billing companies, we don’t work on fixed costs. We only get paid once you are reimbursed. This unique option of ‘pay as you earn’ is one of its kind and does not burden you with unnecessary outing expenses thereby helping you to boost the financial health of your practice.