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How we deliver - Best Practices!

Delivering Best Practices!

Business Environments today require precision, expertise and processes which are beyond dependency on individuals. At MDCP, we believe that Process orientation defines success and best practices align processes.

We are in the business of improving Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management processes and do everything to make the process of Revenue realization accurate.

Our solutions encompass areas of Medical Billing, Healthcare Documentation, Revenue Management, Consultancy, Outsourcing and Project Management for physicians groups, hospitals and healthcare chiefs.

With the help of advanced technology and dedicated billing managers, we offer complete revenue management services to healthcare organizations, small to large physician practices including radiology groups and dental practices, hospitals, groups, mega groups, and healthcare entities of varied sizes.

Our capability, medical billing expertise, skill sets and billing software knowledge helps us set up  best practices  in our clients’ business -

Best Practices for healthcare operations are implemented to procure results in the following areas-

Control & Accountability– Even within an established workflow, the key to fortifying processes lies in accountability. Process owners executing their roles must be able to track deviation and correct them in time to avoid bigger leakages. MDCP ensures this practice by assigning implementation of a particular process to one dedicated resources that would manage and be accountable for the smooth running of the delivery of that process accurately.

Managing Payers– The diverse mix of public and commercial payers and their personalized requirements calls for best practices implemented for streamlined revenues. Our dedicated team with the required industry knowledge ensures accurate and thorough payments posting and follow ups from all the diverse payers.

Cost Benefit Analysis– No matter what the organization process may be, the Return on investment analysis is extremely crucial in obtaining success. Healthcare set-ups investing in expensive IT, increasing cost of hardware and its maintenance, staff related costs require substantiating it with the benefits accrued to avoid losses. Our cost-effective outsourcing services equipped with the latest technology and billing experts allows set-ups to acquire benefits without the recurring on-going costs.

System’s upgrade– Seamless integration with technology to help healthcare setups efficiently handle the changes in the coding system is the need of the hour. However with the increasing expenses a system’s upgrade may not always be beneficial. MDCP due to economies of scale is able to implement the right system’s upgrade as demanded by the various industry changes; this practice lets us deliver to clients services which help them profitably cope with industry reforms.

Managing Vendors–The management of the increased number of vendor’s is crucial for any healthcare operations success. As more patients, new administrative tasks are added with the increase in credentialing trend and new industry reforms, the vendors too are multiplying. Our team of experts put in sufficient time, effort and expertise in handling and negotiating these vendors managing to provide favorable rates to our clients.

Reporting- Chances are high of increased profits if a process has a good reporting system. Most financial reports are prepared only at the end of the month, quarter or year by which time it is too late to prevent any financial leakages.

Your process Designs must be able to identify source of financial outflow in the beginning itself to prevent further losses with the help of an on-going and efficient reporting system. MDCP follows the practice of weekly and monthly reporting for process improvisation undertaken to ensure maximum revenue and quality.

Regular Checks- Constant checks on the coding process and the Denial management techniques help in achieving balance in the operations essential for gaining profitability.  Healthcare operations may have various processes to be checked at one time – AR, clearing house follow ups, administrative tasks, and compliance checks and so on. MDCP looks into each outsourced process making sure regular checks are done ensuring complete control to the process.

MDCP Capability-

At the core of our capabilities experience is our intimate understanding of the nuances of business transactions in the healthcare industry.

Key capabilities and features:

  • Certified team of industry experts
  • Cost-effective and secure information exchange
  • Increased work productivity    

Interfacing Capability- MDCP offers cutting-edge technology to support and advance your organization’s current healthcare information exchange system. We help our partners by designing their processes in a manner that eliminates redundant steps to improve efficiencies.     

Consolidating Work Flow - Our work flow has a unique automated solution, MDCP provides real-time reports and a cross-dimensional view of information on work that is pending or completed and also on productivity. It records all critical production, quality, and performance data for analysis and continuous process improvements.    

Transition- The transition process for our client is managed by our team of mentors who are experts at transition and operations. Transfer is achieved at our operations center which takes on the role of the remote arm for our client. Upon completion of transfer, our delivery team starts to work in sync with the client organization in a seamless set-up.    

In addition to assure delivery of best practices our team of experts at MDCP is continuously training and preparing themselves about new regulations like ICD-10, varied payer mix models, providing you with regular updates, giving you  an opportunity to solely concentrate on your  business.

MDCP’s best practices ensure your process maximized returns!