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Hospital Consultancy

Our hospital consultancy services are unique as they help restructure the revenue cycle, improve overall financial performance and essentially enhance profitability in the delivery of healthcare services. Over the past few years Med DataCare Pro’s (MDCP) expertise in Hospital Consulting has widened and so has its client list.

Med DataCare Pro offers consultancy to help steer small and large hospitals to operational efficiency and improved revenue generation. Trained and well versed with the latest changes our consultants advice the hospital’s management on the best Billing Practices, used to recover maximum revenues.

MDCP’s consultancy services are able to anticipate client’s requirements after an in-dept study and understanding of their processes.

Efficiency Drivers at Hospitals

  • MDCP understands that each client’s requirements are unique and our assessment starts with a thorough understanding of the hospital’s culture, history, type and value system
  • Advanced analytics at the macro and micro levels are used to establish problem areas, may they be related to processes, systems or clinical services
  • While formulating solutions, new goals are defined which are aligned with the management’s expectation and efficiency stimulators
  • Test drives are put in place to establish the efficiencies of the new approaches before integrating them into Hospital workflows to enhance effectiveness

As MDCP combines your organization's values with years of experience, we provide viable hospital consulting strategies.

MDCP’s Hospital Consulting takes the effort to understand thoroughly the opportunity for improvement and finds ways in which the Hospital can accept and execute our evaluation advice.

How can MDCP make a difference to the unique organizational structure of Hospitals?

The organizational structure of Hospitals is largely made up of 3 prominent entities- Medical Staff, administration/finance and nursing administration comprising of their own goals but which require to be connected with clinical integration as their focus.

Revenue process flow at hospitals

Being part of the industry for over a decade our team has good insight about the intricacies of working with complex organizations like hospitals and their varied issues related to the revenue flow.

The work flow of our consultancy team generally encompasses:

Analysis – to find process shortages and peculiarities
Identify & quantify – the issues revealed
Define work groups – to find root cause of issues
List effect of issues – on other processes of the organization
Understand organizational culture – to prepare unique plan to address each issue
Provide recommendations – across structure, different processes & documentation
Assist hospital staff - achieve goals & quality standards
Help implement recommended processes - to capture maximum revenue


MDCP solutions work towards optimization of hospital processes

Our hospital consultancy solutions encompass various process areas-

Why opt for MDCP as your hospital consultancy service?

  • Affordable rates
  • Highly Competent Resources
  • Dedicated manager for each process outsourced
  • Security &HIPAA standards adopted
  • Latest Technologies andusage of advanced software tools
  • Innovative Processing techniques

Med DataCare Pro is a market leader at providing complete Hospital Consultancy services. A strategic plan is put into place to provide complete solution for your hospital, which helps to streamline processes and improve revenue generation for your hospitals.