Q: Why choose your EMR?

A: Our EMR is the first, best-in-class, and integrated solution that meets the needs of your Practice including: appointment management, encounter workflow management, patient account management, electronic medical record management, and communication with practice partners such as pharmacies, test labs, insurance carriers, and other physicians.

Q: How long has the EMR existed?
A: Our EMR has been in market since 2006 serving more than a 100 practices of different specialty.

Q: How much does the EMR cost, and can I lease the software?
A: This EMR is our proprietary software which is provided absolutely free with our billing service. We also lease the software separately at a nominal cost per month.

Q: Is YOUR EMR Web-based or Client Server based?
A: The EMR is a web based model, where you don’t require any special hardware and software for installation. In case of larger facilities we suggest you have your data hosted in- house which requires a server on your end.

Q: Can this software be customized?
A: Yes, it can be customized to the needs of your practice. It has been implemented in various specialties already and also we offer customization of templates at no cost.

Q: Do I need to know a lot about computers to use YOUR EMR?
A: Our EMR is designed to streamline a doctor’s practice easily thus the aim is to simplify the flow of practice. You don’t need to be computer savvy to use this EMR, it’s a user friendly system that works on a click of mouse.

Q: Will using YOUR EMR increase the time of a patient visit?
A: No, in fact it reduces the length of the appointment and Doctor Can focus on better patient care. It has OCR compatibility, where the data is captured from the patient insurance card and driver’s license hence quicker and quality service provided reducing the time taken by the front office.

Q: Is technical support available?
A: We understand that technology at the end of the day requires maintenance and support thus we have 24/7 technical support available on our toll free.

Q: Is installation a lengthy process?
A: It has both web based and stand alone software. Web based does not require any installation. However installation in the stand alone is a simple process and does not take much time to install.

Q: Is your EMR CCHIT certified?
A: Yes, our EMR is a CCHIT certified EMR system, this will help you reimbursing the $44,000 package declared by the federal government.