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FAQ Billing

Q: Why should I spend all that money on a billing service when I can do it cheaper in-house?
A: In many cases, a billing service can be more cost effective than in-house billing. Your cost with in-house billing office is fixed and your cost is variable with us. We get paid only when you get paid.

Q: How does your service work?
A: Our service is end to end. All you need to do is send us your work, either by scanning and uploading it to us, or by mailing it. You can see all the work that is in progress, including statuses, notes and any missing information that needs your attention. Daily, weekly and monthly reports are submitted to your practice for reviews.

Q: Can data from my existing software be transferred and used?
A: Definitely! All healthcare software databases are now HL7 complaint which completely supports data transfer from any system to ours.
If you are still handling processes manually we can also help you transfer data quickly and easily.

Q: How much does your service cost?
A: Our fees vary depending on your specialty and practice size. No matter which specialty you will almost surely experience significant savings and our efficient processing model with overnight services will result in an increase in your overall collections. We guarantee savings of about 30% compared to your in-house billing.

Q: I already do my billing In-House, why should I switch to your service?
A: Refer to our Savings Calculator to determine the tremendous savings you will experience. If you already have experienced billing staff, you may be able to retain your best people, enjoy huge savings, and increase your collections as a result of the efficiencies introduced by our processes.

Q: I already outsource my billing, why should I switch to your service?
A: MDCP provides an end-to-end billing services solution to its clients. We offer a complete gamut of healthcare services and a free EMR bundled with it. So you deal with one partner rather than various vendors.

Q: What cost benefits will we see from MDCP medical billing services?
A: Fees are based on collections, so we don't get paid unless you get paid!
Daily claim generation and carrier follow up ensure faster pay-outs, Weekly patient statement mailings reduce turnaround on patient obligations, no software or hardware to buy and maintain and no ongoing administrative costs for paper, envelopes, forms or postage