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End to End Dental Package

Med DataCare Pro has been working with dentistry centers for long enough to know the billing and coding problems that ail them the most. And our services pay attention to every aspect of dental billing and coding ensuring that:

  • Appropriate CDT codes are assigned and ADA standards for coding compliance and documentation are met
  • ADA forms are accurately populated
  • Claims are submitted with HIPAA compliance
  • Accurate billing information is entered in appropriate fields of all EMR/ EHR and PMS applications

How MDCP is Different?

The key to our success is our understanding of finer points of dental billing and coding

  • For example, not many coders know that establishing two different fees for the same code can increase reimbursement
  • Also that crown replacements should be coded
  • And that when it comes to coding crowns, your codes vary from metal to metal

Our experience with Dental reimbursements has helped us score 99.5% of overall accuracy and most of our clients obtain 100% reimbursement.

Our billers and coders are well acquainted with American Dental Coders Association (ADCA) - constantly updating themselves with the latest industry information, coding tactics and skill sets required as a dental billing and coding specialists.

How Med DataCare Pro helps its clients?

Our Revenue Consulting services take a close look at your billing and coding operations to spot and plug in sources of revenue leakage and operational tardiness so that your revenue management cycle works smoothly.

Through our Revenue Consulting services, we will help you to:

  • Set up fee structures
  • Assign appropriate dental codes for all dental procedures starting from diagnostic, restorative, preventive, endodontic, periodontics to adjunctive general services
  • Learn payment policies
  • Make appeals

Through this service module, we bring the following benefits to your operations:

  • Seamless flow of information between dental and nonmedical processes (billing and coding)
  • Accurate interpretation of medical information by billers and coders so that appropriate CDT codes are assigned to them
  • Proper assessment of dental insurance eligibility
  • Submission of claims ensuring HIPAA compliance
  • Post submission follow-ups

Our services are flexible and our solutions can be adjusted to the exact needs of your organization.

However, if you don’t have an in-house billing and coding operations, our Outsourcing services can handle your entire billing and coding process, starting from preparation of claims through claim submission to post-submission follow-ups with authorities.  

Revenue and infrastructure benefits Med DataCare Pro ensures

The above benefits lead to the following revenue and infrastructure outcomes:

  • Enhancement of profitability
  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • More time spent on focusing on core dentistry
  • And saving of at least 30 to 40 percent, as has been seen, in operational costs

Our Dental billing team is also experienced enough to handle cases where dental services are given from generic healthcare setups as part of a larger or another treatment. Our billers and coders are efficient enough to navigate through bundled up medical data, separate non-dental from dental and use the appropriate codes to make airtight reimbursement claims for you.