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Dental Verification

About 75 percent of dental insurance claims have reimbursement issues due to inaccurate assessment of dental insurance eligibility, and MDCP’s dental verification services are modeled to meet the specific needs of your dental practice to ensure reduction in percentage of rejected claims and improved revenues.

MDCP prevents or reduces rejection rates by:

  • Verifying the patient’s insurance eligibility through calls to the insurer or online checks
  • Checking preauthorization number, deductibles, plan exclusions, claim mailing address, policy status etc
  • Getting additional information by contacting the patient, if required

By paying close attention to these details, MDCP ensures that every bit of information is checked and rechecked and gaps closed so that:

  • Delayed payments are prevented
  • Need for claim resubmission is reduced
  • There are no instances of under payment and non payments

And all this even as your staff avoids spending long hours on the phone talking to insurance carriers and spends the time saved instead on heeding various aspects of dental care.

Med DataCare Pro provides its clients

Our staff is dedicated to making error-free dental insurance claims and thus we ensure 99.5% overall accuracy of your billing and coding details while most of our clients obtain 100%.

All that we need from you are:

  • A copy of the patient’s dental insurance card
  • The date the patient is scheduled to receive dental treatment
  • And basic medical information about the patient

Using the inputs given by you, our staff:

  • Verifies insurance coverage with the insurer either by calling up or by checking online verification
  • Checks critical details, like effective dates, plan exclusions, type of plan, pre-authorizations etc
  • Cross-verifies the gathered details with the billing system and updates it if required

Challenges and how we can gear you up to meet them

We understand that a modern-day dental treatment episode is chock-a-block with medical activities taking the patient through one phase of the treatment to another and non-medical details often become a casualty or collecting them amidst this medical whirlwind can become a challenge.

To address this, you need a dental insurance verification solution which can offer:

  • Centralized dental information verification and handling
  • Individualized attention to your operational needs and the ability to work with your operations for data verification without interfering with or disrupting its functioning
  • Means to track success of the service

Highlights of our services:

Following are the highlights of the service we provide:

  • Greater flexibility for your customized operational and dental billing and coding needs
  • An expert Accounts Manager, specializing in insurance verification issues, to ensure fewer errors
  • Accurate and timely reports to track success of reimbursement ratio