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Dental Coding

Med DataCare Pro works with the aim to turn dental coding challenges into revenue opportunities. We have a proven track record of providing effective dental coding solutions that are vital for optimizing collections.

MDCP coders are well trained in:

  • Reviewing and assigning accurate dental codes
  • Meeting ADA standards for coding compliance
  • Submission of HIPAA-compliant claims
  • Meeting ADA documentation guidelines
  • Maintaining accuracy in filling out ADA forms

Why choose us?

  • Our dental coding services are exceptionally accurate and efficient
  • We eliminate the impact of unplanned staff absence or coding errors on your revenue cycle
  • Our coders are well-prepared in adapting different procedures and priorities used by dental practices
  • We have a perfect understanding of the requirements and regulations imposed by different payers to file and transmit claims
  • Our coders will eliminate your headache of pasting records onto your EMR


MDCP has the competitive edge:

We employ only certified, highly-experienced coders who are well-trained in addressing dental coding concerns. With the support of skilled coding specialists and latest technology, MDCP works towards eliminating obstacles that can affect the revenue cycle efficiency of dental practices.  

Seek maximum benefit from our services:

  • We can offer you full or partial outsourcing solution to reduce your burden of dental coding complexities or provide your coders the necessary tools to survive and thrive
  • Whether hiring, training or retaining skilled coders is a challenge or the existing coding tool doesn’t support efficient workflow, MDCP can customize services as per your organization’s needs     

Round the clock services:

The team at Med DataCare Pro is committed to increase your revenue by ensuring effective dental coding and billing services, 100% HIPAA compliance, feedback, custom reports and high accuracy rates. We work on your dental claims even while you are on a holiday!