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Data Scanning

At Med DataCare Pro, we recognize the benefits of scanning and tagging documents hence offer these services to our clients. Our team while scanning medical paper documents to digital images ensures that all electronic records scanned files must be accessible and readable for their full retention period which includes finding the file, opening the file, and reading the file regardless of the software used in its creation.

Our dedicated and talented team converts paper and film documents into user-friendly electronic documents without compromising the content. The MDCP team ensures that the requirements are met based on Imaging Systems, Standards for Accuracy and Durability – Chapter 434-663 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) to justify the use of scanned images as replacements for the original paper records.

Retention of Scanned Records The specific amount of time records must be maintained is called a “retention period”.  We ensure that this retention period of the records is implemented and is based on the content of a record.

Quality Control

For quality checks at MDCP each of the scanned document images is -

  • Compared to the original paper document to ensure accuracy
  • Visually inspected to ensure that the image is complete, clear and usable
  • Numbers of original paper documents match the number of scanned records
  • Sampling process is implemented where every 10th document is reviewed to ensure the scanning quality is consistent and the images are usable

Scanning Services Offered

The data conversion team at Med DataCare Pro goes the last mile to understand the client’s current installed systems and plan an integration of the digitized documents.

We begin by scanning the printed documents and converting them into reader-friendly PDFs. Our state-of-the-art equipment can convert 20,000 pages of document into electronic form in a day. We optimize text and images separately during the scanning of documents and also partake to enhance their quality through activities like de-skewing, cropping, sharpening, and custom packaging. The end result – user sees a cleaned up version of the original document.

An important part of our services is also to make the digitized data easily searchable and accessible to the end user. In the absence of an operating EMR, we build search and access windows for the digitized documents to enable easy search and access of the data stored.