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Case Studies

Case Study on Billing

Client : An Internal Medicine practice in Florida

Challenges :

MDCP was given Entire Billing Service of the clinic to take care of the problems that the client had:

  • The billing was taking more than 24 hours to get completed
  • Collections were decreased to a larger extent
  • Poor quality of work done by in-house billers
  • AR was piling up and getting worse

The Project :

  • To provide Billing Services using their database management system.
  • To handle effectively and efficiently an average of 2,000 claims every month
  • To send statements to patients follow up, customer care and collection

Solution :

  • A dedicated Account Manager, supervisor with the team was deputed to handle the problems of billing
  • The team consisted of full time employees for medical billing, medical coding and AR experts.
  • Prompt follow-up and resolution for rejected and denied claims.
  • One of the major problems was; claims were being sent on paper to BCBS and through paper it was taking more than 60 days to get paid.
  • MDCP resolved this major issue in a week’s time by submitting electronic claims, which helped the client getting payment in less than 2 weeks.

Results :

  • Outsourcing medical billing functions to MDCP made dramatic changes in the Revenue Cycle Management.
  • Client witness that the average AR days were brought down from 141 to less than 35 days
  • Client witness that the collection percentage increased from 60.6% to 79.5% MDCP worked on old AR, cleared it and collected money for the practice.
  • There is a regular flow of patient payments after MDCP started providing services to the practice by sending patient statements and collection.
  • The cash flow increased due to quality checks done on the claims before submitting to the insurance company.