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Our Capabilities

Med DataCare Pro’s (MDCP) competence level reaches a new high with each passing year due to the invaluable experience we gain by providing services to multiple healthcare centers across the US. Over the past 15 years, we have constantly pushed our own limits and tested our capabilities on the benchmark set by industry veterans. We are proud to say that our aching need to achieve excellence in every area of medical billing and coding has today made us one of the most sought after healthcare management partner for healthcare providers.

MDCP’s Mainstay:
  • Certified team of industry experts
  • Increased work productivity with use of technologically advanced tools
  • Robust process aimed at streamlining procedures to attain optimum revenue generation
  • Cost-effective and secure information exchange with business operators
Interfacing Capability
MDCP offers cutting-edge technology to support and advance your organization’s current healthcare information exchange system. We help our partners to enhance their interface to maintain the most secure and reliable data.
HIPAA Interfacing Capability
MDCP has developed comprehensive, robust configurable tools to manage various technologies associated with HIPPA software. We help our partners by proactively meeting the challenges of securing private patient information while adhering to compliance procedures and strict government regulations.
Work Flow
Our work flow offers a unique automated solution; MDCP provides real-time reports and a cross-dimensional view of information on work that is completed or is in pending status. We also provide reports on productivity; it records all critical production, quality and performance data for analysis and continuous process improvements.