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Account Receivables

At Med DataCare Pro, we aim to improve the client's cash flow by reducing Accounts Receivable days and improving profitability, by increasing collections ratio.

Our A/R Follow up team is trained to identify patient accounts that require follow-up and take the necessary action to collect unpaid and partially paid claims. It is essential to follow-up and document unpaid claims prior to the 60 or 90 days timely filing limits assigned by many managed care contracts. MDCP team run reports on accounts 30 to 60 days past due and call insurance companies to check claim status, re-file, or gather additional information. Our goal is to keep the average days of Accounts Receivable at 25 days or less.

At MDCP, it is all about prompt reimbursement. We are extremely familiar with the current State and Federal Insurance regulations and strive to obtain high rates of return from their Follow-up efforts.

Effective Accounts receivable begins with proper coding. The claims are checked for proper order and placement of CPT codes and modifiers. Consistent, thorough detailed follow-up is performed by our domain experts. Their involvement with the insurance carriers has enabled our specialists to develop contacts and rapport that help speed the payment process. All the claims are tracked until they are paid.

Our services in Accounts receivables include

  • Receivables Analysis
  • Payer follow up for denials
  • Claim status
  • Appeals
  • Underpayment analysis
  • Patient follow up

Usually the AR process follows:

  • Correction and Resubmission, where data is corrected and claims are re-submitted; in some complex cases, attaching supporting documents, inquiring client for additional information or clarification
  • Effective Appeals are put in place where standard appeal forms are denied despite resubmission
  • Timely Follow-up, which ensures that the clients Account Receivables are received within 25 days; our resourceful account allocation ensures that all the unpaid claims are being followed up within pre-defined time frame