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About Us

Med DataCare Pro (MDCP) is a recognized name in the US medical billing industry. Our expanse has helped us to develop a very strong niche in the healthcare sector and has made us ‘the’ preferred billing partner for clients associated with us.

First established in 1999, our Dallas based operations quickly spread to other parts of the country. We realized early on that ‘clients needs come first’ and in our quest to become one of the best medical billing companies in America, we applied ourselves completely and served our clients with integrity and dedication. Our business focused solutions are unique and our astute approach offers clients a far greater set of resources and expertise than any other organization in this domain.

With a strong and dynamic leadership in place, Med DataCare Pro has worked tirelessly to achieve what our competitors only dare to imagine. Our pursuit of an articulated vision has helped us to stay client-focused and offer unwavering commitment aimed at achieving excellence.

Our Core Values are:

  • Innovation through purpose
  • Deliverance through capability
  • Teamwork through recognition
  • Success through hard work

In the past decade we have developed a robust team of 250 individuals who come from strong medical billing and coding backgrounds. These experts have been carefully handpicked based on their experience, combination of skills and expertise while providing services to solo practitioners, physicians groups and large hospitals.

Our reach in multiple US states gives us the required exposure to handle regulations of all geographical locations and to strategize our solutions in a way that concentrates on medical billing verticals within any kind of business. We provide 360 degree solutions to all kinds of healthcare providers.

We Offer:

  • Solutions that provide consistent and measurable results
  • Control mechanisms to support performance and affect structure scalability
  • Expertise based on application of latest tools and software and by keeping abreast with changing trends
  • State-of-the-art technology leveraged to facilitate operational effectiveness and unmatched efficiency of processes
  • Customized solutions to address future growth prospects by raising client’s competitive stature in the market

At the core of MDCP’s capabilities and experience lies our intimate understanding of the nuances of business transactions in the healthcare industry.

Our Key Capabilities and Features:

  • Certified team of industry experts
  • Cost-effective and secure information exchange
  • Increased work productivity
  • Faster turnaround times in transcription services
  • Accurate denial tracking and re-appealing claims
  • Recovering revenue by focusing on low dollar accounts
  • Generating cleaner claim submissions
  • HIPAA complaint processes and auditing by industry experts

At Med DataCare Pro, we believe in constant learning because change is the most important tenet of success. We believe in growth of our associates, our partners and our team through pursuit of a shared objective.